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The Art of Diplomation

What is diplomation?

Diplomacy (from Latin diploma, meaning an official document, which in turn derives from the Greek δίπλωμα, meaning a folded paper/document) is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or states. It usually refers to international diplomacy, the conduct of international relations (Barston, 1:2006, Modern diplomacy, Pearson Education)

In a simple way and a simple words, I make some points about diplomation

diplomation is how two or more social comunicators negotiated in order to make some agreements, I also can tell you diplomation is how  social creatures find a good or the better way tobe choosen and give the best answer to solve the problem 😉

I can give you information that, Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or nations. In an informal or social sense, diplomacy is the employment of tact to gain strategic advantage, one set of tools being the phrasing of statements in a non-confrontational, or social manner.

Diplomation and politic can’t be separated, these terms will always side by side to complete one another,.. why…..??

let’s see,…

Either politics and foreign politics need diplomation as a tool, that’s why every country on this world has their emabassador in all of the country they recognize with. What I need in focusing of this case is how the pliticans and the embassador use this art of communication and I said it as diplomacy. The first thing or the point in diplomacy is interests in every section of social politics, no matter how every country has interest to fulfil their needed.

The art of diplomation is how every diplomat or embassador or anykind of state representative, use their skills in communication, discussion and deliberation in order to affect and make influence even change the opposite side of the country and the interset itself.

They make it in two ways, soft power and hard power, in the name of Art of course diplomacy as the representative of soft power because they need not millitary or forces factors, they just need a skillful communicator and a pioneer politician as the actor of diplomacy.

Do you know?

Diplomacy could bring a very huge effect of the people in the country, because the decision of diplomacy is the whole package of what and  how the rule applied in.

I’ll give you a simple case 😀

European Union is a succed economic diplomation (in my view) of each member countries they have their own single currency known as euro. It make a huge different because it gives benefit for one another member by this economic cooperation. of course it isn’t that easy to make an appoinment just like EU due to they have an ideal regional  distance and they more establish than another country especially developing country, that why make them have an easier and smooth process. But however this is a simple example how the economic diplomation applied and give the benefits 🙂

Actually it’s never enough for me to talk about politics it just a very simple article  point of view of it, i wish i could make some revision as soon as possible and make my essay complete of this theme,..

My words doesnt good enough for explaining this intersting terms,,, but so deeply in the bottom of my heart I want to share this menu as well with you O:).. if you have a comment or critics please leave it,.. it will be very nice for me to make some good reviews and make me better next time,..

thanks for reading and keep in touch 😉

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