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Communication in Terms


Communication is the way how to deliver messages these could be an idea, view,influences, and others weather as verbal or nonverbal in order to get response or feedback from the communicants to the communicator.
Communication also could be defined as a message transmission from a source to a receiver and it will occurs when a source sends a message via a medium to the receiver producing some effect (Baran, 2002)

Harold Lasswell (1948) said that “a convenient way to describe communication is to answer these questions:
• Who?
• Says what?
• In which channel?
• To whom?
• With what effect?”

I do believe as a social creature human unable to be separated from communication. From a very simple thing in a daily life we need communication to support our life, and interact with each other.

William I. Gorden (in Deddy Mulyana, 2005:5-30) said that, one of communication’s category as social communication, at least got to be hints that communication is really important for developing self conceptual,self actualization in order to survive, get happines, spared from pressure and tension, by an entertaining communication, and develope interconnection with other people. By communication we could work as a team with members such as citizens, family, students, and the whole aspect members to get the same aim.

So the conclusion from this theory we know that communication is the most important and first factor in social peacful. We can’t denial that, bassicaly communication help us in teamwork, social environment, education, and work environment.

As the flow in globalization, communication grow and develope rapidly,mass media and social networking get a significant booster since the user’s demand going extra increasingly in many social networking.

Why we need communication?

Ruben&Steward, (2005:1-8) said:

  1. Communication is a fundamental in  our life

In our daily life, communication take a vital role. however we couldn’t stand without communication since it’s our basic need as  social actors. There will no activities without communication, cause we could make some essential diferencess when we communicate with another people. And so the otherwise, everybody will communicate with us either in a short or a long term. How do we interact, how does we create an interaction, how do we give contribution  as a family,community, organization, and for the further more citizens community members.

  1. Communication is a complex activities

communication is a complex challenging activities. In this term communication activities aren’t that easy. To reach communication’s competence needs an an understanding and skill so that our communication become effective.

. Ellen langer in Ruben&Stewat( 2005:3) mentions  mindfulness concept will occur when we give attention in situation and context, we have to open monded with a new information and we do relize that there many perspective due to doesn’t just one perspective in human’s life.

  1. Communication is a vital core for one effective position.

Carrier in business, government, or education need an ability to understand communication situation, develope an effective strategy of communication, need a teamwork between one and another, and could accept new more effective ideas by communication’s tracks. To reach the succeed  from one certain position to reach communication’s competence such as by the ability either  in personality and attitude, interpersonal skills, communication as verbal or nonverbal, etc.

  1. A high education doesn’t guarantee a good communication’s competence.

Sometimes we think that communication just a  common sense  and everybody know how to communicate with each other. But in reality there still hasn’t own the skill in a right communication. Sometimes, we failed in the communication. Many well educated person but they don’t have a good skills in communication so that it’s effected the failure the interaction with others. So the conclusion is wee need to learn how to communicate.

  1. Communication is popular

Communication is a popular field. Now days, many modern communication’s section focusing in the message’s study, an also the connection between communication and other professional fields, including; law,business, information,education, computer science, etc. So in this recent times, communication as social science or behavior, and as an applied art. This discipline result multidiscipline, that really connected with other sciences, suc as; psychology, sociology, anthropology, politics, etc.

My last conclusion 😉

Communication absolutely important  viewed  from every social aspects, due to we can’t live the social life without it. There’s no a bit people who get failure that come from they don’t have enough skill or ability in communication to support their jobs. So it could be harmful if we don’t learn about communication, since communication doesn’t that easy to be applied in corect way for sure.

I wish could help you to know and understand about communication and for me communication is a very fun science and it needs social interaction which is we do have to know and understand about our surrounding and environment.

In the result it will help us to avoid miscommunication, misunderstood, and tenses, by good communication we get a good interaction, a good interaction will make a peaceful social life and in the end we have a good harmony….

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